I legit fucking hate feelings so much sometimes, boys don’t understand jealously because let’s face it, thy are boys and girls understand a whole lot more about boundaries as what’s okay to do and say around your girlfriend, it is not okay whatsoever to be in contact with other girls 24/7 in any way just like it isn’t okay for girls to do the same with other boys but when I 100% don’t make contact with any other boys other than family that’s when it makes my blood boil like mad, I don’t do it so why the fuck should you


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"so sick of your shit"

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Adventure Time on We Heart It.


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some girls do a messy ponytail and look like magical fairy princesses

i do a messy ponytail and i look like a founding father

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There’s no food in my house

*dying whale noise*

whale: there is no krill in the ocean

*teenage girl noise*

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